Over 30 Years Of Trusted Legal Representation

You can measure a good attorney by their years of practice; after all, if a lawyer cannot meet the needs of their clients, they will not remain in practice for much longer. That is why here at Melanson Law, we have been practicing law for more than three decades. In those years, we have always fought to provide the best possible outcome for our clients in their cases.

In tax law, estate planning and family law matters, clients often cannot afford to take chances in the legal advice they receive. Clients need to know that the attorneys they turn to can provide them with the insight and direction they need to succeed in their legal needs. You can rest assured that our dedication to you will be one of the greatest advantages in your case. To read more about our attorneys’ professional backgrounds, please follow the links below.

What Separates Us From The Rest

It can be easy for a lawyer to forget that there are two sides to serving a client: handling the case and attending to the client’s needs. While a client needs to win their case or protect their best interests, there is more to it than that. We believe that attorneys should also remain in constant contact with their clients, and for good reason.

When you take on an attorney to represent you, the last thing you want is to be left alone while they are representing you. Without regular communication, anyone can feel alone in their case, even when they are paying for representation. We keep in constant connection with our clients to make sure you know exactly how your case is progressing, and we can maintain your best interests at all times.

Let Us Fight For Your Best Possible Outcome

Any aspect of tax law, family law and estate planning can have lifelong consequences, and you want to be sure that the actions you take today will not cause you any regret down the road. We can help you prepare for today while also defending your tomorrow in your legal needs.

If you need a compassionate Louisiana attorney who will dedicate themselves to your needs, contact us at our Baton Rouge office today. Call 225-754-9847 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation to discuss the best possible course of action tailored for your needs today.